Technical Computer Science. University of Twente.

I am currently majoring in Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. All covered subjects are listed below.

Mathematics A Mathematics B1
Mathematics B2 Mathematics C1
Probability Theory Discrete Mathematics
Statistical Techniques Complexity Theory
Linear Algebra Abstract Algebra
Graph Theory Boolean Mathematics
Design Theory Programming Theory
Network Systems Theory Database Design
Data & Information Security
ICT & Law Computer Architecture
Artificial Intelligence Compiler Construction
Functional Programming Concurrent Programming
2016 - ...

Psychology. Umeå University.

I am working on completing a minor in psychology at the Swedish University of Umeå. The subjects covered are listed below.

Health Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Personality Psychology
Developmental Psychology
2018 - 2019

Pre-university education (VWO). SG de Waerdenborch.

I did my pre-university education at high-school SG de Waerdenborch. In highschool I got to choose what subjects I wanted to, in the third year. An overview of subjects is shown below.

Subject Grade (out of 10)
English 7
Latin 7
Dutch 6
Arithmatics 9
Biology 6
Computer Science 8
Physics 7
Chemistry 7
Mathematics B 7

2010 - 2016